Entrance Floor Mats

Prospec Specialties have a wide range of entrance mats, commercial door mats, entrance grates, entrance grills, commercial floor mats, aluminum floor mats, all designed to meet your specific needs. Our durable and attractive products offer versatile design options for interior and exterior applications. People entering a building carry into premises dirt and moisture through their footwear, not only does this make interiors dirty and un-hygienic it further spoils the floor coverings and causes them to wear faster, creating a need for premature replacement. Prospec entrance mats are made keeping in mind numerous requirements of diverse building structure and thus, boast a widest product range of its kind.  Prospec entrance mats can be seen.... Show More

Heavy Pedestrian Traffic

Heavy Pedestrian Traffic Mats are highly economical and tough foot grille available in both closed and open construction, roll-able, silent and sustainable. Heavy pedestrian mats includes Entrance mats, commercial door mats etc. Heavy pedestrian traffic mats are Rollet, RolletUltra, RolletSuper, Interceptor, ProClean, Mudguard, DirtFighter, StreetFighter, StreetKing, Cleanex, CleanexUltra, classicGrate, SuperGrate, UltraGrate and Stelica.