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Type: Heavy Duty 
Application: External / Internal Primary Matting
Construction: Closed, Rigid and Reversible
Thickness: 7/10" (18mm) 
Mat Sizes: Tailor-Made mats, available in custom shapes 
Mat-Well Frames: Available in Aluminum, Brass and Stainless Steel



  • Closed Construction mat for easy maintenance. 
  • Most Advanced Entrance Matting in the market.
  • Reversible by design and Heavy-Duty by nature.
  • Tailor-made to projects individual design requirements. 
  • Suitable for Hospitals, Hotels, Commercial Buildings, Cinemas, Residential Buildings, Shopping Malls and Banks. 
  • Mat combines the proven advantage of alternating Aluminum Scraper Bars & Polyester Reinforced Tufted Rubber Wiper Strips.
  • Have extreme sole cleaning power even when wet. 
  • Specially designed Tufted Rubber is color Fast, dries quickly, will not fade,shed fibers during use, rot or smell when wet.
  • Rubber wipers Brush & scrape more dirt, grit and soil from high volume of pedestrian traffic than any other known mat in market.
  • Heel & wheel proof design does not traps ladies stiletto heel and provide smooth passage for trollies and wheeled bags.
  • Rubber fibers do not promote fungal / bacterial growth. Also available in Fire Rated quality.
  • Qualifies for LEED rating as rubber wipers are made of old recycled Airplane tyres and Aluminum Scraper bars have high pre-consumer and post-consumer waste content.



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