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Type: Heavy Duty ++

Application: Internal / External Primary Matting

Construction: Semi-Open and Rigid

Thickness: 2/5" (10mm) / 3/5" (16mm)

Mat Sizes: Tailor-Made mats, available in custom shapes

Mat-Well Frames: Available in Aluminum, Brass and Stainless Steel


  • ALL Stainless Steel metal with option of type 304 or 316 grade which is technically far more superior
  • Available in Matte / Polished / Grained finishes
  • Elegant and heavy duty Entrance Matting system that is tailor-made to your requirements.
  • Extremely effective in areas prone to severe weather condition like snow / sand / rain storms etc.
  • Suitable for Hospitals, Hotels, Metro Stations and airport terminals, Commercial Buildings, Cinemas, Residential Buildings, Shopping Malls and Banks.
  • Semi-open construction allows the dirt falls-thru the mat and remains out of sight collected in the Mat-Well. The top of the mat always remains clean.
  • Has no fibers
  • Suitable for high volume of pedestrian traffic more than any other known in the market.
  • Linear mat design provides aggressive scrapping action.
  • Heel & wheel proof design.
  • Maintenance free and looks brand new for years.
  • LEED: Possible LEED-NC credits: MR Credit 4 (1-2 points), MR Credit 5 (1-2 points), IEQ Credit 5 (1 point) Re cycled Content: 18% pre-consumer and 20% post-consumer.





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