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Your Guide To Understanding how Entrance Mats work

A lot of people don't know the benefits of entrance mats, and that is why you need to read this guide. You will find out what makes entrance mats beneficial and where you should locate them so they can work to their maximum potential.

Prospec specialties Steel Entrance Grate
Stelex Entrance Grate

To design a successful entrance flooring system, you must know how the system works.

The four “R's” of an entrance flooring system are removal, retention, release and recovery.

  • Removal refers to the removal of dirt and debris from shoes or boots as people enter a building.

  • Retention refers to collecting and retaining the dirt and debris in the flooring to prevent other people from tracking it into the building.

  • Release refers to readily releasing collected and retained dirt and debris so that it can function properly.

  • Recovery refers to continually looking good despite being cleaned or vacuumed.

Prospec entrance mat 4Rs

When you're evaluating entrance flooring products, make sure to ask how well each one accomplishes all four of these R's. If a product doesn't have a successful track record for doing all four of these R's then it will not be effective at achieving the intended maintenance and risk management goals.

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