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Why Entrance Flooring Systems are a Good Risk Management Tool

There are several situations where people fall all over the place. Especially in the interest where there is slush and salt, which results in slips, trips, and general clumsiness. The problem is that the floor might have been slippery or a faulty surface, making it dangerous for people walking on it. Thus, building owners and companies like entrance flooring systems to make sure everything is safe in their establishments.

Prospec Canada Entrance mat manufacturer

This is why risk management and liability are strong drivers for using entrance flooring systems. The first reason is that many people slip and fall on the entrance flooring. This is not because the entrance flooring systems are bad but because people could slip anywhere on any surface that isn't maintained properly.

The next reason is that those who slip and fall are likely to bring lawsuits against the building owner or their insurance companies. People claim large amounts of money as compensation for injuries, loss of income, pain and suffering.

To reduce the likelihood of such accidents by helping to control the build-up of water and keep the entrance floor surface more slip-resistant, it's a good idea to have entrance flooring systems installed.

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