Type : Natural Rubber, Heavy Duty with built-in ramp edge.
Application : External Primary Matting, Electrical Switch Rooms, Anti-Fatigue Mat, under Bar Counters, Safety Mat.
Construction : Open
Thickness : 9/10" (23mm)
Mat Sizes : 59” x 39-2/5” (1500mm x 1000mm), 47-1/5” x 31-1/2” (1200mm x 800mm), 23-3/5” x 15-4/5” (600mm x 400mm)



  • Heavy duty, non-abrasive matting. Made of Natural Rubber.
  • Open construction for medium traffic areas. 
  • Unique built-in ramp edge.
  • This product is also available with circular nylon brushes, which when fitted give improved cleaning properties. 
  • Available with either closed or open bases and offered in different sizes
  • Suitable for electrical switch board rooms, anti-fatigue mats, ablution areas, in areas of high dirt concentration, behind the bar counters etc.
  • Brushes are an ideal addition.Round brushes greatly improved cleaning wetness, snow and sand.
  • Brushes are available in black, red, green, brown, yellow, blue, and grey



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