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  • 143 mm (5-5/8") height
  • 2mm (.080") thick vinyl/acrylic cover
  • 1.8 mm (.071") thick aluminum retainer
  • Fasteners non-corrosive and compatible with aluminum retainers
  • Stylishly designed handrail available in widerange of standard colors
  • Solves safety concerns in commercial, Residential, Healthcare & Hospitality environments
  • Protects walls againts abrasion and damage
  • ADA and ANSI compliant
  • Available  in  4LM(12') / 3LM(10')  standardlengths
  • Easy for installation,  Clean-up  and mainte-nance





Colors Option
  • Prospec employs latest manufacturing techniques and tools. Ours is the most modern plant equipped to manufacturing high quality Door and Wall Protection systems but still Customers might notice a minor, light or dark, color variation between the End Caps, Bends or Returns and the Wall Guard/Corner Guard/Handrail plastic cover. This is due to the ways the two are manufactured and not a production defect or flaw. No claim on this ground shall be entertained by Prospec.    

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