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PROSPEC's GIS Series Installed in Frank Gehry's Facebook Headquarters MPK 22 Project

Prospec specialties are supplying expansion joints to the FACEBOOK MPK 22 –– MENLO PARK, CA Project. On the east end of the office building, there is a pedestrian bridge connection at the 2nd level for direct access into the neighbouring office building MPK21.

Prospec's GIS Series used in Frank Gehry's Menlo Park project
Prospec's GIS Series used in Frank Gehry's Menlo Park project

The GIS Expansion joint series in stainless steel is a Floor to Floor Seismic Expansion Joint Cover with excellent shear movement. Featuring a surface-mounted design ideal for vehicular traffic areas with a hinged bevelled edge cover plate for pedestrian safety installed in the pedestrian bridge to ensure a seamless yet beautiful transition into the office building.

Prospec's GIS Series seismic expansion joint used in Frank Gehry's latest project in MENLO park CA

The approximately 457,000 square foot, 4-story office building and eight-story, 1,750-stall parking garage were designed by Architect Frank Gehry, known for his postmodern designs, including the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and the Guggenheim Museum in Spain.

Construction of a Caltrans bridge will connect the MPK 22 to the Bay Trail adjacent to the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. An approximately 16-acre park is being constructed south of the building.

Prospec's GIS Series used in Frank Gehry's Menlo Park project

The office building is a Frank Gehry-designed all-glass façade structure with appealing design features, such as several staggered planted terraces with design feature staircase connections and a full building-length skylight that lights the entire interior of the building. On the roof of the building, there are several pods of photovoltaic panels amounting to almost one megawatt of power generation to the building. The interior consists of several neighbourhood work team communities, divided by total VC-capable conference rooms – some of which hang out over the ample interior atrium by cantilever structural systems. The building is served by three full-service kitchen cafes and supported by smaller coffee shops, sweet stops and pop-up event spaces.

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