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Prospec's Expansion Joint Design in Qatar Foundation Stadium

Prospec is proud to be associated with Qatar Foundation Stadium, also called the Education City Stadium and help them create a space that will soon host some of the most heralded names in football, including Spain's defending World Cup champions.

Prospec specialties expansion joint in the Qatar foundation stadium FIFA 2022

For the design of Qatar Foundation Stadium, Prospec has provided more than 17,000 linear feet of expansion joint products — a truly global undertaking. A project like this was not going to go without a hitch. We experienced some delays due to unforeseen circumstances outside our control but overcame these setbacks by sticking to our proven processes and timelines.

One of the most significant challenges of designing a sports stadium is to ensure that it can withstand extreme weather conditions. The team at Prospec provided an innovative solution for Qatar Foundation Stadium, which will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Prospec specialties expansion joint in the Qatar foundation stadium FIFA 2022

The stadium is located on a site with high groundwater and ground motion. The design required extensive excavation and fill operations, which created large voids around the perimeter of the stadium. To accommodate this movement, Prospec designed an innovative expansion joint system for the stadium's exterior walls.

To name a few joints we supplied were our:

IBS Series an Exterior Seismic Expansion Joint Cover that has excellent shear movement, featuring self-expanding open cell foam for excellent compression recovery. This material is Supplied pre-compressed for easy installation, and it's 100% water-tight.

HDS Series is an Thermal Expansion Joint Cover, featuring a Standard Cover Plate - an economical solution for retrofit and surface mount installations!

KCC Series- This is an Interior / Exterior Thermal Expansion Joint Cover designed for Carpark and Bridge Decks.

Prospec Specialities is a leading manufacturer to the construction industry. We have been supplying expansion joint systems for many years and have supplied many projects in Qatar.
The stadium contains several innovations including cooling technology to regulate temperature, an underground cooling system and a solar-powered roof that will generate most of its own electricity needs.

We invite you to visit our website and see Prospec's superior products first-hand. Our on-going material research and manufacturing processes ensure we continue to offer reliable, high performance products that meet the demands of structural engineers around the world.

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