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Why picking the right Entrance mat and grate is critical to your space?

Did you know walked-in-dirt is responsible for 85-90% of total maintenance costs?

People entering a building carry dirt and moisture into the premises through their footwear; not only does this make the interior dirty and unhygienic, it further spoils the floor coverings and causes them to wear off faster, creating a need for premature replacement.

Prospec mats are made keeping in mind numerous requirements of diverse building structures and thus boast the most comprehensive product range of its kind.

Prospec mats can be seen at Exhibitions centers, Airports, Metro stations, Cinemas, Theatres, Malls, Educational institutions, Sports arenas, Factories, Hospitals, Hotels, Offices, Condos, and Apartment buildings worldwide.

For more information about our metal grilles and entrance mat flooring capabilities, Contact Prospec Specialties at


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