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Going Over Prospec's Seismic Expansion Joint Covers in the remodelling of the AHH Stadium in Mexico

When the expansion joint cover was designed to be located on the stadium's structural steel, it created a big challenge at the Alfredo Harp Helú Baseball stadium, which was completely remodelled in Mexico City, Mexico.

The joints had to flex when there was any kind of movement or deformation of the structural steel due to seismic activity, while upon the soil movements, they needed to prevent any vertical displacement and excess cracking.

Also, by having a clear view of their surroundings, one may notice that this stadium is completely unique in form and structure. It has three main roofs that are independent of each other and are made out of steel trusses, and this meant these roofs need to collectively move vertically up to 100 inches during an earthquake event.

Prospec specialties's seismic expansion joint covers used in the AHH Mexico baseball stadium

It is a unique structure with a single standing column at the center of its field.

To avoid the column obstructing fans' views, it was decided to construct an anti-seismic roof above the field with a retractable roof as well.

It does not have walls or concrete stands as stadiums usually do.

This design decision allowed spectators to have an unobstructed view.
When designing how to build a ground-unsupported roof structure in seismic conditions and in an area with soft soil, engineers faced many challenges to keep it stable.

They also needed to consider how they would build the structural connection between the roof and its supporting columns, considering that the roof is elongated and spans a considerable distance.

In this particular case, Prospec's IAS series expansion joints were used for smaller movements in which only one movement plane is required (structural joints).

HFS series expansion joints were used for larger movements of up to 65 cm (25") where two directions of movement are required.

Prospec specialties's seismic expansion joint covers used in the AHH Mexico baseball stadium

It's important to remember that regardless of your building's size or level of complexity, you never have to compromise quality for design. The team at Prospec has been constructing world-class infrastructure in Mexico and beyond for decades, and they are always ready to help clients achieve their unique vision.

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