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Fundamentals Of Entrance Flooring Design Decisions

Designing a complete entrance flooring system is more than just deciding to put it inside the entry door. While entry systems are an important aspect, designing the entire entrance flooring system requires an in depth investigation of whether the building has a central foyer or if all the functionality for entry to the building is located throughout the building. Proper design research should be conducted from an exterior approach up to the actual building entry itself.

There are typically three such zones of entrance defense against foot-borne soil and water being carried into the building.

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Zone 1: This is the first area of defense against foot-borne soil and water being carried into the building. It is ideally located outside the building to prevent soil from ever entering the building. Where that is not practical, it can also be located immediately inside the doorway. Either way, this is the location to choose the most effective entrance flooring system relative to the degree of foot traffic encountered.

Zone 2: This zone is characterized by high-traffic areas such as lobbies, hallways, and corridors between public areas and offices where people are likely to be standing around for extended periods of time. This zone should have an even more durable flooring system than Zone 1 because people are likely to walk over it more frequently than in Zone 3 (below).

You can install a vestibule or other extended entry area immediately beyond the zone 1 entrance. You can also use a secondary entrance flooring system or continue the primary one here to address soil and water not picked up in zone 1.

Zone 3, you may want to extend a form of entrance flooring system. This way, you'll be sure that the maximum possible soil and water is removed as people move out of the defined entrance area into a lobby or other common area.

The purpose of entrance flooring is to be both visually appealing, functional and durable. While these three elements are essential, they also have to be able to work together in harmony to meet the requirements and needs of both the client and the building owner. Appropriately specified entrance flooring from the start of the design phase throughout construction can insure that these three elements work together seamlessly.

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