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All you need to know about Expansion joint covers and why they're used.

Expansion joints are openings within a structure at predetermined locations designed to absorb structural movements.

Structural movements can be defined as follows:

A. Thermal - caused by temperature changes within the structure. Thermal movement is horizontal.

B. Seismic - caused by earthquake activity beneath the structure. Seismic movement may be horizontal, vertical, shear or a combination of all three.

C. Wind load induced by high winds forcing the structure to sway. Wind load-induced movement usually is horizontal or shear.

Expansion joints are built into the structure to allow movement while also protecting the building and its occupants.

While expansion joints are instrumental, they can also be perplexing at times. Our expansion joint experts are always available to assist, but we also want you to be well-informed so you can choose the best products for your construction.

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