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Environmental Policy

Protecting the environment is principal to our business. We make significant investments in environment management and are committed to continually strengthen our energy efficiency and environmental performance in order to achieve sustainable development.
Attesting our environmental credentials are the numerous awards won for energy conservation, environment and safety. To be sure, good environment management makes sound business sense.

Our proactive initiatives include:

  • Choosing the right technology for Green Building projects to ensure energy efficiency.
  • Enhancing material efficiency, process / equipment productivity backed by pollution prevention practices and adoption of cleaner technologies.
  • Waste Management System for systematic collection of scrap and safe storage / disposal / recycling of wastes.
  • Continuous efforts to conserve resources, minimize and re-use of wastes.

Water Conservation:
Our pledge towards water conservation is reflected in the efforts put forth by the sustainable business practices. The objective of the policy is to enhance the conservation and protection of water; and to reduce the use of fresh water resources.

Our pledge to protect:
We are committed to working with our partners to realize social, environmental and economic benefits for the communities around the world. We achieve this by using our technological skills in product design and innovation as well as through long-term partnerships to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our business.