Bird Spike

Bird spike is the most effective bird barrier in the market. Bird spike is designed to keep flying pests away from signages, security cameras, billboards and on all those places which you want to protect from the nuisance cause by birds. It has been studied that the bird shit is one of the major cause in rising cost of maintenance of building in cleaning the exteriors of the property. The problem increases when the stain turns into a corrosive cementitious like dropping making it nearly impossible to clean off. Bird spikes as way to bird control, is most economical and effective solution to also recommended by many agencies like PETA, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and the Human Society of America. Prospecâ.... Show More

Bird Control System

Bird control spikes are make of stainless steel grade 316. No plastic or PVC components used in manufacturing of 'BS' series bird control spikes. Prospec Specialties gives upto 20 years warranty against manufacturing defects. Prospec 'BS' Series bird control system is effective on all types. Prospec 'BS' Series bird control system is suitable in all climatic and geographic condition. 10 spikes per inch, highest by industry standards.